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Lake Superior Provincial Park

From grand vistas to subtle details, the Lake Superior
Coast has an incredible visual diversity.

Published: October 2009

ISBN-13: 978-0-9813705-0-7

36-pages Hardcover colour
and black & white;

$100 including shipping


Tanzania embodies all that is
great about Africa – not just
the wide-open spaces and
accessible wildlife, but also a
people with the resolve to
face day-to-day challenges
with a grace not found in the West.

Published December 2009
ISBN 978-0-9813705-1-4

46-pages of stunning fine art photographs

$115 including shipping


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  1.      Terry McDonald is a Canadian artist and workshop leader working in the field of fine art environmental photography. He approaches photography as both an art and a craft: a solid grounding in technique frees him to explore a variety of visual styles. His goal as an artist is to reveal the art inherent in nature.


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Photographs 2011

Photographs 2011 is an exploration of 85 of Terry’s most important images from 2011. Each of the five “chapters” – Baker’s Dozen, Around Home, Great Western Road Trip, Curiosities and Motion Landscapes – explores different locations and different styles of photography. As a whole, the portfolio is an excellent vehicle for learning photographic technique by studying and deconstructing photographs. ISBN 978-0-9813705-2-1 

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