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Sandbanks Provincial Park in Early Spring

Last week was March Break for most of North America. I managed one day of photography mixed in with a few days of preparing a slide presentation for my parents’ 50th Anniversary – but more on that later… this post is about Sandbanks Provincial Park [for images, see my Picasa Web Album]

Wetland Area, Sandbanks Provincial Park, OntarioSandbanks is not a place I would typically go to. In the summer it is crawling with people and I prefer a more natural scene. At other times of the year I don’t really have the time on a weekend to make the 4 hour drive. I also learned that it is damned expensive to stay overnight in the area – motels and B&Bs are around $100/night even in the off-season. While I love B&Bs and I am sure the ones in Prince Edward County are beautiful, the folks around Sandbanks seem to be squeezing the market. After all, B&Bs were originally cheaper alternatives to the motel/hotel scene – but not here in Canada, it seems.[Aside:  In Europe, I can understand why B&Bs are more expensive, but here, the only reason is gouging because land prices, taxes and upkeep for these old homes is not nearly as expensive here as it is in Europe – I know because I have lived there!!]

Anyway – enough about B&Bs. Sandbanks has amazing potential for photography. The dramatic sand dunes, naturalizes shorelines and wetlands amongst the dunes offer images that will keep any photographer busy for days.