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Adobe users – consider signing this petition…

I know I’m late to the ball game, but hear me out…

My beef with Adobe is that their Creative Cloud license locks creative people into a perpetual (lifetime) licence if at any time in the future they wish to work on their art edited using an Adobe product other than Lightroom. Could you imagine any other artist facing this kind of brick wall? “Sorry, Mr. Bateman, but if you want to work up that sketch you did last year into a final painting, you will need to subscribe to our product first.” Or, “sorry, Mr. Part, but if you wish to re-work those choral pieces, you’ll need to buy into our product first.” Thank goodness LR5 is as good as it is for photographers, otherwise I would be jumping ship to Phase1 or Aperture!

Let’s face it, Adobe is screwing us. If we cave into this Creative Cloud licence and Adobe is successful at it, then we can kiss goodbye to the old model for software licensing. Every company will start forcing users into this “monthly rental” model rather than the traditional way of buying a copy of the software and upgrading on an as-need basis.

If you’re not familiar with what has happened, with the introduction of the Creative Cloud, Adobe has chosen to “rent” their software (e.g. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc.) on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. As long as you pay the subscription fee, you have access to their products. Three months after to stop paying, the software stops working. If you choose to work on an image months later or a year later, you’ll need to subscribe again. Worse yet, if you fall on hard times, or simply retire at a lower income, and can’t afford the monthly/yearly subscription, you can no longer (that’s forever) work on the files you created with Adobe products. Yikes!!

Granted, Adobe’s software is designed for working professionals who can write off monthly business expenses. But not everyone who purchases Adobe products are working professionals. Those who cannot afford this monthy expense will now have to look elsewhere (go Pixelmator – bring on the 16-bit editing!!).

So… Derek Schoffstall of Harrisburg, PA has started an online petition in an attempt to create a groundswell of support against Adobe’s move. Here’s the link:

Adobe Systems Incorporated: Eliminate the mandatory “creative cloud” subscription model.

I would add to that a boycott of the Adobe Creative Cloud – here are some articles outlining alternatives:

This is a turning point amongst creative professionals and serious hobbyists. Do we cave in to the “Big Brother” model of total control, or do we find alternatives and politely let Big Brother know we won’t play by their rules?