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Exciting Photo Tours and Safari Developments

This week has been a great one for planning photo tours and safaris.

On Tuesday I sat down with Stephanie and Karen  from Expedia CruiseShipCenters in Waterloo to begin planning a photo cruise for 2011 – probably January-February and probably to the south Caribbean where you will find gorgeous scenery and flowers and the wonderful colours of the islands.

This evening my friend Allan Phillemon and I sat down to start working on a photo safari to his home country and my home-away-from-home: Tanzania. What a spectacular place: Kilimanjaro – the jewel of Africa, the magnificent  Serengeti Plain and Ngorongoro Crater, not to mention the wildlife that is accessible at all times. If you haven’t seen my photo of Tanzania – have a look here. Allan is also known as Kiliman (http://www.kiliman.com/) because of the excellent guided climbs of Mt Kilimanjaro. In fact, it was Allan who made all the arrangements for the IMAX crew for their ascent of Kili in making the film Kilimanjaro. Allan and I are looking at November 2010 and February 2011.

Travelling to these places is wonderful enough in itself, but a photo tour or safari designed specifically for photographers allows us to “take it up a notch”. Planning is done from the start to accommodate the needs of photographers — photogenic destinations; more time to get to know places; getting out when the lighting is ideal; plus photo tips and a workshop-like atmosphere where photographers are prepped ahead of time and questions answered in the field as they arise. A real win-win situation for all.

So start dreaming, start planning and start saving – there will be great opportunities for travel and photography in the coming year.