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Autumn is alive with colour


Autumn Colours – Red

Just because the leaves have dropped and the trees are bare, doesn’t mean the colour is finished. We’ve been out in the

garden over the past few days using the electric mower we found on https://www.lawnmowery.com/best-lawn-mowers/electric/ to clean a few things out and plant some recently acquired plants. i couldn’t help but grab my camera and make some images. The sun broke through for a little adding some additional texture, but it was the subtle ochres and oranges and hints of scarlet that made the day – sun or not.


I found that the key to stronger images was getting close-up to eliminate the distractions of bare skeleton-like twigs. I looked for textures and shapes in the leaves I photographed as well as colours unique to autumn. In my search for perfection i was constantly distracted by the rot that

Autumn Colours – Gold



started – small holes and disturbing wilting – definitely outside of my comfort zone. So i stopped looking for perfection (that didn’t take long) and began to ignore the ravages of death.  Once I got over it, I found strangely liberated and began actively seeking examples of how nature recomposes itself. I’m not sure I succeeded as well as I hoped, but I have come away with new confidence in showing a different side of

nature. As well, I have a number of sketches that have helped me learn to see differently.

But that’s part of the reason I spend time photographing – to discover new things about nature and to discover new ways of seeing. I need to challenge myself more in different situations and with different expectations.

Leaves on Rhubarb