Some 105mm Micro-Nikkor photos

I’m still awaiting my D800e…perhaps just as well so Nikon has a chance to iron out a few bugs 😉

In the meantime, I’m using a D200 that belongs to my friend Kerry Little – many thanks! – to explore the prime lenses I’ve purchased. I am thrilled to be getting back into close-up and macro work with the 105 Micr-Nikkor, which, of course, is a 150mm on the DX camera. Wow – great working distance and wonderfully tight close-ups.

Our daughter turned 16 last week (yikes!) which brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers including two Protea. Our love of these beautiful and intricate flowers came with our trips to South Africa – their native land. Our two trips – both in April, their autumn – brought many close encounters with these flowers in the wild. Spectacular! They are incredibly ornate and colourful and make ideal subjects for photographers.

With these being cut flowers, I could move them to an east window after the sun had passed, giving strong, but filtered light. I shot on a tripod allowing for precise composition and the longer shutter speeds needed for small apertures. It was a luxury to be able to rotate and move the vase to get just the right views, framing and focus – something I don’t have the option of doing when photographing in the field!

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