iPad for Photographers

A number of people keep asking me how I like Apple’s new iPad. Frankly, I love it and would have one except it’s not quite there, yet, for photographers. To make it truly useful as a content generator (as opposed to its current configuration as a content provider), I think it needs the following:

  • larger HD – 64 GB doesn’t cut it when I have 12GB of music alone,not to mention apps plus docs; photos and slideshows take space!
  • more efficient USB support for external HDs – I keep all my raw images on a portable HD; only my Lightroom catalogue is on the computer but even the data for it takes 8GB
  • multitasking – it appears to be here with iOS 4.0 – we’ll have to see how efficient it is
  • LR for iPad for ingesting images (2 USB ports needed – one for the camera, t’other for the portable HD), cataloguing; even some initial processing should be possible
  • a larger screen would be wonderful – preferably 16:9 ratio.

I know, I’m not asking for much. If you read this Steve, please take note!

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