Bruce Peninsula National Park

Had a great 4 days in Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario last week. The camping was fun, although the facilities there are lousy. It must be about the most disappointing of all national parks for facilities. I’d rather s–t in the woods, thanks.

But the beauty of the Niagara Escarpment more than makes up for it. Dramatic cliffs, the spectacularly blue waters of Georgian Bay, brilliantly yellow Ladies-Slipper orchids. Lots to shoot. You can see a few below. Also see my website for more:

BTW – the photos below and on Flickr were created in Lightroom 2 using LR/Mogrify2 -a must-have plugin. The web gallery on my site was done using the Lightroom 2 HTML Web Gallery engine. It is truly wonderful to be doing all of this and maintaining filename standards and metadata and processing from all within Lightroom. I’m a happy camper!

This summer I will be heading to Algonquin for some interior canoeing with my daughter – any recommendations of photogenic locations that are relatively easy to get to (not a 2000m portage, please!) would be appreciated. I always prefer to canoe into a base camp and stay there for a few days then move on. Much better for photography and exploring that way. Cheers!

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