I am so behind on my images-a-week! Sorry about that. It’s been a busy winter getting workshops, courses, photo safaris and cruises up and running.

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Ice Wall, Dorset
Ice Wall, Dorset

I was up at Dorset with the grade 10s from St. John’s-Kilmarnock School teaching a unit on Wildlife Population for their Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology course . It’s a great winter get-away, but I don’t get a lot of photography done. Out for a tromp through the snow on Sunday, we came across a significant “ice wall” or “ice fall”. Two of the students, Natalie and Robin – keen photographers – stayed with me to spend some serious time photographing this amazing feature.

Ice wall are a world unto themselves – so many shapes, textures, patterns, colours – but photographing them is difficult, especially exposure. To increase the brightness of the snow (remember – white snow causes your light meter to underexpose) I used exposure compensation to increase the exposure by one stop. When I started editing in Adobe Camera Raw, I found I could further increase the exposure by another 2 stops and use the Curves Tool to bring up the “Lights” and “Darks” by 75 or so to create the high key image I saw.

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