It’s now 2010 – a full decade after the millennium – can you believe it?

Something else that’s unbelievable – although if you know me, it’s completely believable – I was out photographing first thing New Year’s morning. We were visiting my sister-in-law who lives in the beautiful part of Ottawa called Sandy Hill. Most of the area has large, turn of the (20th) century brick homes; some with wide, sweeping verandahs, some with great little circular windows, some with turrets. The area is full of character – ideal for photography. Throw in a good dose of Canadian snow and there are the makings of some great photos.

Before I show you one of the photos, I found it interesting that I had difficulty selecting just one photo. One photo doesn’t seem to encapsulate the morning very well because it was such a mixture of old and new, formal and informal, with random elements and design elements. so, the one photo I chose has combinations of that, yet ti does not show the lovely character of the homes in the area. These images really “hang” best as a group. However, I will stick to the intent of an Image-A-Week.

Here is that one photo:

Crab in Snow, Sandy Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Crab in Snow

You can see the rest of them here: Gallery – New Year’s Morning, Sandy Hill, Ottawa

All of the photos are monochrome – black-and-white tinted to give them some warmth. All too often, photographs that include snow are left cold or tinted blue. To me that just panders to the stereotype of cold winters. Sure winters are cold and snow means it’s below freezing, but that doesn’t mean the photograph needs to be cold, too.

I love winter! I don’t want people to think “cold”. I want them to look beyond their bodily discomfort and see the beauty in winter. Those who know me will also say that I’m the crazy one who goes out without a coat. True, but never without a warm, cosy sweater or fleece on nor without gloves and a scarf! That being said, when I’m out photographing in winter conditions, I make sure I’m covered in fleece and Gortex – right to the over-mitts!

So this winter – get dressed for the cold and get out there and make some truly beautiful photographs. On the same note – my Winter Wonderland workshop is just weeks away. You’ll want to get signed up soon to take advantage of the discounts – or 519.265.4151.

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