GRIPS K-W Presentation follow-up

Many thanks to the folks at the Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society for hosting my presentation tonight. There are many excellent photographers whose questions and discussion added well to the evening.

A few people inquired about the “Nature Photographer’s Toolkit” I created to help organize ideas around how to approach scenes and subjects in nature photography. I’ve added a copy of the slide below. I hope it serves as a useful guide and reminder to explore a number of different avenues when in the field and in front of a screen.

Remember: Three-quarters of the effort in making photographs is done in the field before the shutter is released and half again occurs on-screen, for every compelling photo is greater than the sum of its parts.

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  1. Van Waffle says:

    Thank you for a useful and inspiring presentation, Terry. We haven’t met, but I’ve lived and taken photographs in Guelph for most of my life. I moved to Waterloo about three years ago, and decided to try out GRIPS this week after hearing a radio segment about camera clubs, which aired Monday morning on CBC Radio 1. When I looked at the society’s website and saw what you were presenting, I had to attend. You’re work is very much in line with my interests in photography, though in my own work I tend toward a macro view. In fact my interest in fungi has led me to try working at ground level, which you mentioned. Your talk provided good ideas about how to use familiar tools. I’m particularly grateful for the tips on shaping photos in Lightroom, which I’ve been using to a limited extent. If your presentation was any indication, it will be well worthwhile for me to join the society.

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