Affinity Photo 1.5

I’ve not used Photoshop in years now, except for the odd graphic with text. Even for that, I can do much of what I need to in, for example, Apple Pages or even better in Keynote. [Aside: It’s surprising how ideal digital presentation applications like Keynote, Google Slides and Powerpoint can be for creating one-page page-layouts.]

Much of Adobe is no longer in my digital ecosystem, primarily because of it’s business decision to move to the Creative Cloud subscription model. In fact, I’ve deleted everything except Lightroom. I simply don’t want to pay USD$10 every month for the rest of my life to interact with my photographs. That’s the reality with CC – perpetual payments to work with your own photos! While ideal for corporations who wish to manage their budgets, for the non-professionals, and serious photographers like me, I just can’t bring myself to hand over that kind of money. And $10/mo is only for LR and PS; if you want anything more like web design, illustration or page layout, you pay a lot more.

But now we have a professional-quality option that is much less costly and highly functional: Affinity by Serif now has an illustrator app in Affinity Designer and their PS equivalent in Affinity Photo. Better yet, there is Affinity Publisher on the horizon.

But what drew my attention to Affinity Photo, besides it’s amazing price point compared to Photoshop, was that I could use it for focus-stacking. I haven’t shot a lot of focus-stacking photos, mostly because it would have involved a trip to Photoshop, so now I will begin exploring that territory a little more. However, this morning I produced a quick little text-on-photo to get my feet wet with Affinity Photo.

I can’t see Affinity Photo replacing my use of Lightroom, especially because of LR’s Library with Folders and Catalogues, but we’ll see about other options over the coming months.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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