Michael Reichman is fondly remembered

Michael Reichman, passed away at age 71
Michael Reichman, passed away at age 71

Having been out of the loop the last few days, I only recently learned of the passing of Michael Reichman on Wednesday. It is a sad time for digital photographers around the world.

From Toronto, and more recently, near Creemore, Ontario, Michael created the Luminous Landscape website aimed specifically at advancing digital photography. LuLa is perhaps the greatest driving force in digital photography today. Over the last 17 years, MIchael tested, reported and ranted on the latest advances in digital photography. More importantly, though, he spurred the various companies into making the improvements necessary for the medium to mature. I think we can credit Michael for pushing digital photography in general, and fine art pigment-based printing more specifically, to the amazing quality and longevity we have today and in such a short period of time.

Thank you Michael for your insights, your wisdom, your creative eye and the inspiration you have freely given for so many years. You will truly be missed.

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  1. Terry,
    Thank you for expressing these kind and careful thoughts about Michael. I know for myself that I could never have learned the rigors and nuances of DP without LuLa. Michael is truly irreplaceable.

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