Winter, so far…

We’ve had quite a winter – one of the best in years for photography. The early snow combined with the ice storm followed by still more snow have created near ideal winter conditions for photography. It’s easy to complain about the snow (and those who have lost power and are still losing power, certainly have a right to complain!), but we  really have had some beautiful days of sunshine and snowy weather. Cold, yes, but sunny. The crunch of snow under foot always beats the splatter of slush.

I’ve done a bit of shooting, but to be honest, I don’t relish getting our little car stuck in some rural snowbank, so all of my shooting has been local. That being said, there is no lack of beautiful scenes here in the Guelph area. Just keep looking!

On Monday, February 24th at 7:30pm, I’ll be speaking at the Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society (GRIPS) about “My Own Backyard”. GRIPS meets at the Kitchener East Presbyterian Church at 10 Zeller Drive, Kitchener, ON. While they have me down as a “lecture”, I like to think of it as a workshop for the brain as we won’t actually be photographing, but rather I’ll be stimulating the desire to get out and make great photos in our own backyards. Guests are welcome for a GRIPS fee of $5 (see this page).

So, here is that selection of photographs I promised. Click on a photo for a slightly larger version. Feel free to add your comments in the form at the bottom.

Golden Winter Evening Winter Fields and Sky Winter Vacancy Highbush Cranberries, Winter Etchings in Snow and Ice Whites of Winter Red Osier, Ice, Snow & Light Snow and Ice, Arboretum _D8E2865-WEB Highbush Cranberries, Winter Redbuds, Winter Trembling Asepn, Last Light Sumac Sketch Design by Nature I Corridor Design by Nature II


  1. Cathy says:

    BRRRRrrrrrr …….!! Just looking at your photographs makes me shiver. You’ve really captured the feeling of winter. Love the high bush cranberries coated in ice — all you need is a glass of vodka to soak them in!

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