iWeb Update

I have been doing some researching on iWeb and how well iWeb pages can be seen by search engines. Basically they are invisible without some added work like adding a sitemap and adding your site to Google Webmaster Tools. This research has led to further work on my site turning images into text as much as possible. Specifically:

  • every time text is given a shadow, iWeb turns it into an image which makes the text invisible to search engines – turn off shadows;
  • to check which elements on your page are text or images, go to iWeb > Preferences and check the box for “Show text imaging indicator” – this is essential for doing a thorough job;
  • whenever an image is added inline to text, the whole thing is turned into an image. – remove images from inline;
  • lastly, when a text box is hyperlinked, it turns into an image – hyperlink the actual text by selecting it.

More and more search engines are basing their rankings on actual page content rather than meta tags in the header. This means an app like iWeb SEO Tools is becoming less and less helpful. What really matters is what’s on the page. So, make sure you have a s much text as possible by turning off shadows except where they are really needed – especially for things like navigation bars and links since they often carry important keywords.

Register your site with Google WEbmaster Tools and  a basic sitemap by following the instructions at iWebfaq.org.

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